The fast and easy way to build an online store

Our proposed enterprise store is a complete enterprise ecommerce platform; the user simply browse the products and promotions and all information about store branches and the news and perform online orders and process the after-sale operations as well.

The portal focus on the top recommendations for one step order.

The system provides a powerful shopping gateway that is designed feature rich and user friendly.

The back-end administration interface that allows store managers & Vendors to manage the content and orders online through a user-friendly interface.

E-commerce system features developed to meet even the most advanced requirements as follows

Full e-Commerce

• Online Portal

• Products Catalog

• Orders Online with Online Paymens

• Enterprise Database

• Modern Responsive UI & UX

• Native Mobile Application

• Country, Cities and Branches

• Secure Management

Design & Layout

• Fast Ajax technology

• Mini Cart with One-Page Checkout

• Customizable Pages & Blocks

• Responsive Design with Bootstrap Technology

Administration Panel

• Manage multiple items (products, categories, static pages, etc)

• File browser and template editor use AJAX technologies.

• Unlimited admins on multiple levels of administrative access

• Integrated database backup/restore tool.

• Ability to collect statistical data , IP-based access restrictions

• Flexible organization of web shop informational part

Shipping & Tax

• Unlimited custom delivery methods

• Unlimited custom-defined destinations

• Shipping restriction by location

• Free shipping option

• Drop shipping

• Flexible shipping customization (based on the number of items, weight or order amount)

• Multiple delivery methods

• Product-specific taxes

• Shipping Weight Calculation


• Multi languages support

• Easy addition of new languages

• Configurable currency symbols

• Multi-Currency

• Configurable measurement units

• Configurable list of countries/states/provinces

• Ability to switch date and time formats

Customer Care

•Integrated configurable store search

• Search filters

• Password reminder for customers

• Customers can view order history

• Printable Invoices

• Customer memberships and special pricing

• Membership based access to the informational part of the store

• ‘Continue shopping’ and ‘clear cart’ buttons

• Printable invoices

• ‘Wish list’ feature

• ‘Feature comparison’ option

• Up to 2 of 3 products in the same page

• Customer can edit product options directly in the cart